Who Are we?

At Blue Ocean Capital; we live at the intersection of hospitality, real estate & urban development. Our edge comes from being highly innovative, focused on our areas of expertise, and from working with the most inspired talent we find, globally.

Through Blue Ocean Developments; we are lead developers of bespoke luxury hotel and branded residences projects around the world.

For select large urban developments & master planning schemes, we act on either an advisory or on a co-development basis. As real estate is a very local business, we partner with local developers with demonstrated values & principles, and proven track records. People with long lasting; deep- rooted positive business relationships within their communities.

Through Blue Ocean Accelerator; we act as a food and beverage accelerator - selecting partners from both promising and highly proven restaurant brands that are backed by talented founders and teams & have the potential to scale.

Structured around private equity co-investment opportunities, we work with reputed partners providing our stakeholders with focused industry expertise, and access to a global network of valuable relationships with recognized first-class international players.

We pride ourselves for taking an unwavering responsibility to both the environment and the people in our business. We believe that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders; it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet.

In a nutshell, true partnership is at the core of who we are. Finding synergies. Building bridges. Merging interests. Enabling our partners (and all our ecosystem of investors and associates) to create blue oceans for themselves; oceans of un-imagined & untapped value. And then, going places no one dares to go. Leaping way beyond IRR by injecting passion, by infusing talent.


Blue Ocean Developments executes mixed-use projects that typically include upscale hotels; branded & hotel serviced residences and that are anchored by lifestyle F&B or wellness facilities. We leverage our expertise and relationships with leading hospitality operators, designers and builders as to optimize stakeholders return.

  • Blue Ocean Developments Caribbean Sea

    We are currently developing the strategic vision, conceptual masterplan, zoning regulations and facility programming for 20 islands in the Caribbean Sea. The project (totaling around 600 hectares), aims to become a new global ultra-luxury destination, showcasing the use of latest "smart island" technologies as to prove that sensible large scale tourism development can be eco-sustainable, supporting and enhancing nature; rather than merely protecting it. Watch that space for more...
  • Blue Ocean Developments Paris

    We will soon be sharing more about PERSEUS; an exciting and pioneering venture that promises to change the hospitality game in the city of light. PERSEUS is a Blue Ocean Developments – Paris project done in partnership with a strong Paris based developer. Stay tuned.
  • Blue Ocean Developments Philadelphia

    We have partnered with leading Philadelphia developers (with 15 years of track record in delivering value in the heart of the city) as to develop a mixed-use, luxury hotel and branded residences project in the Philadelphia center. A project that will become a new destination for lifestyle living in Philly. Watch this space for more!


At Blue Ocean Accelerator, we partner with promising & highly proven F&B businesses; adding value through setting and implementing growth strategies; and providing growth related corporate resources; through active board memberships.

We collaborate with passionate and talented founders who have developed a proven business model and are now interested to find a strategic partner to help them reach their growth potential both at home and globally.

Our interest lies in both relatively young and more established F&B brands that have a proven; successful and scalable model and that are backed by strong management teams.

The focus of our accelerator is solely on food and beverage related businesses.

Why us?

  • Active Partners, Not Passive Investors

    Synergetic Partnership is at the core of our business philosophy.

    We aim for win-win-win-win relationships that align he interests of all our stakeholders (our partners; investors; team members and the communities we operate in).

    Our added value and edge comes from the level of passion and relentless attention we breathe in what we choose to do; from the laser focus on the expertise we have developed over decades; and from an international network of invaluable business relationships built on trust, past successes and failures.
  • Solid and Timely Growth

    “You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” Warren Buffet

    Hospitality & Urban development is all about attracting; growing and retaining talented and passionate people. Good work takes time.
  • Long Term Value Creation

    We believe in and encourage relatively long-term investment outlooks. Our moto is optimizing investments as to provide investors with the shortest possible equity payback periods; healthy ongoing returns and strong capital appreciation on exit.

    Unlike other investments vehicles with short exit obligations; we like to remove unnecessary pressure and avoid the haphazard growth that often undermines success.
  • Focused Expertise

    We focus our energy and resources on hospitality and real estate development businesses.

    This benefits our stakeholders who gain tremendously from a deeper and wider knowledge and from synergetic experiences generated by a global understanding and exposure to these industries.
  • Global Relationships

    Over the past 25 years; we have developed a strong network of relationships with international hotel operators; family offices; high net worth investors; top designers and master-planners, but also reputable chefs and restaurant operators globally.

    This proves to be an invaluable source of knowledge and relationship capital that we bring to the table.

Contact Us

A: 228 rue du Liban, Achrafieh, Beirut
T: +961 71 38 48 49

A: Riva Paradiso 32, CH-6900 Paradiso
T: +41 91 980 34 91